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As the election approaches Dave exhorts us to treat those others with dignity in a spirit of civility, especially in areas that we disagree. All people are made in God's image and so we must value them as God value's them.


We spent time sharing our new names in Christ and then Matt Ward concluded this series with a look at Peter's reaction to the arrest and trial of Jesus along with Peter's teaching out of 2 Peter 1 on how we can exchange our old name for the new name Jesus gives us.


Sometimes we find ourselves asking God, "Do you know what you are doing?" We lose patience with God has He develops us and we begin to seek to come up with our own plans. Matt Ward teaches from from Matthew 16 and 2 Peter 3 on how we can follow Jesus with patience in His plan and promise.


Matt Ward begins a new three part series on the life of Peter. As we follow after Jesus we continually ask God, "Can I trust you?" Jesus changed Peter's name and set him on a new life trajectory, we too have been called to trust in the one that changed our name and gave us a better future.



Dave once again return to the prophet Isaiah to look into how we can renew our strength in the Lord in times of difficulty. 



Dave considers Isaiah's words of fearlessness in this message meant to encourage you to find strength in God during times of difficulty.


Dave wraps up our study in Daniel with a look at chapter 12. God gives Daniel hope with this prophecy and we too can find hope in the God of human history.

The world seems like it is on fire with chaos and conflict but God's Word and Prophecy brings a reminder that God is still in control. We find comfort in the God's sovereignty during times of uncertainty. Dave teaches through Daniel 11 in this message.

In Daniel 10 God pulls back the curtain for Daniel, allowing him a glimpse into the unseen spiritual world. Dave challenges our prayer life and faith in this next message in Daniel.


Dave guides us through Daniel 9 as we examine Daniel's prayer and the answer concerning the future of God's redemptive plan.


Fulfilled biblical prophecy speaks to the faithfulness of God, and it develops our trust that His word will come to pass in all future prophecy. Dave teaches through Daniel 8 and the prophecy of the Ram and the Goat.


Daniel 7 speaks to the future rule of the anti-christ, a man who will usher in the end times with terror and rebellion against God. But ultimately it is Jesus who will reign forever, therefore we as Christ followers are to live in victory! (Dave' mic cuts out often for the first 10 minutes.)


The first six chapters of Daniel describe a man who was grounded in Biblical conviction, in this message we see how God also used Daniel to predict the destinies of the nations. Dave covers the first half of Daniel chapter 7 in this message of hope.


Daniel spent his life preparing spiritually for challenging days that he might respond with conviction. Dave teaches from Daniel 6 on how we too can be spiritually prepared for the unexpected!



How was Daniel able to live a lifetime of conviction in such chaos and uncertainty? Matt Ward goes to Daniel 5 to get answers.


One major thread running through scripture is that God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble, this message is illustrated greatly in the life of Nebuchadnezzar out of Daniel 4. Matt Ward teaches from this chapter, pointing our what humility does in the life of the believer and why God goes to such great lengths to restore us from the sin of pride.


The faithful should chart the course of their life based on their convictions and God's promise of deliverance, not from convenience, feelings or cultural changes. Dave continues our series on Daniel with the story of the fiery furnace from Daniel 3.


Dave continues our series in the life of Daniel with Daniel chapter 2. Daniel and his friends find themselves in a nightmare scenario when their King decides to take their lives, but Daniel trusts God and seeks God's compassionate mercy.


Do your Biblical convictions lead you to a life of purpose? Daniel had every excuse to give up on God, but his obedience to God led him to a life of purpose and influence to the kings of Babylon and Persia. Dave teaches out of Daniel 2 as we are challenged to live a life of purposeful conviction.


We began our summer sermon series on the life and book of Daniel this past Sunday. Dave gave an introduction to the book with a look at Daniel's convictions laid our in the first half of chapter 1. Do we live a life of convenience or conviction? As followers of Christ we should live in submission to the Holy Spirit's lead, especially when it runs contrary to our broken culture.


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