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Dave Schneider closes out this series with a message on the "how to" of discipling others to Jesus. If discipleship is friendship with a vision, than there must be intentionality and a loving relationship built in.



We tend to avoid things that take time to bear fruit. But God is patient and He desires to see us be fruitful in our discipleship. Matt Ward teaches through John 15:1-8 in this message on abiding in Jesus and bearing much fruit.



“Fine” is the most common four-letter word heard at church. Dave Schneider teaches from John 13 in this message on the process of becoming a disciple of Jesus. We are commanded to love one another which conflicts with our sin nature as it pushes us to run and hide. We can’t love or be loved if we keep up the facade of “fine!”



What is discipleship? What does it mean to follow Jesus? The Bible describes it is a life-long process and sometimes it can be difficult to see the transformation take place. Dave Schneider begins our new series, "Trust The Process," as we focus on discipleship this school year at CBC.



Bridge of Hope

We feel a spiritual burden for those we know who do not have a relationship with Jesus, but it can be difficult to find an opportunity to share our faith. Matt Ward teaches out of 1 Peter 3:15 on how we can build a bridge of hope between Jesus and our friends.



Dave Schneider wraps up our summer study of the book of Ezra in this message. In Chapters 9 and 10, Ezra must lead the returned exiles in confession and repentance because they have strayed from God's plan as a community set apart. We too need to have a healthy understanding and practice of Biblical confession and repentance.



Seek His Face

Matt Ward teaches out of Matthew 19:13-22 this past Sunday which was part of our Camp 35/Club k2 celebration worship service. The theme for the week with our kids was, "Seek His Face!" Matt shares how we can seek after Jesus with our whole heart.



Dave Schneider teaches through Ezra chapter 8 in this message. This is Ezra's second trip taking exiles back to Jerusalem and we again see the hand of God active and involved in the journey. Dave covers 5 things we need for our faith journey.



Ezra understood that we need God’s Word to renew our thinking. Dave shares with us her some great tips on getting into God’s Word so that He can renew and restore us!



In Ezra chapter 6 we see the people finish the work of building the temple because God was at work in the leadership of the Persian empire. The people rejoiced in the finished work and we also can rejoice in what God is doing in and around us.



After the returned exiles stopped the work in Ezra chapter 4, they began to prioritize their own comfort over the work God had called them to accomplish. Dave Schneider taught from Ezra 5 this week and we saw how God sent prophets to reorganize their priorities. We too can use God’s words in scripture to experience God’s grace through His loving truth.



The people of Israel had returned to Jerusalem and began to do the work God had for them, but soon they found resistance. Dave Schneider teaches through Ezra 4 and we learn about the tactics of the enemy to keep us from doing God's work. The enemy will be persistent, but God has already won the war on the cross, so let us place our faith in Jesus!



In Chapter 3 of the book of Ezra we see the people put priority in reviving worship of God. They do this by reading through the books of the Law, following God's guidelines for proper worship in the temple. Jesus tells us that we are to worship in spirit and in truth. In this message Dave Schneider leads us to revive our worship of God in both spirit and truth!



Dave Schneider continues the summer sermon series, "Restore: God's Faithfulness to Renew." All summer we will be walking through the little-studied Old Testament book of Ezra. Ezra holds the rich history of God's movement of His people back from exile to set up a world ready for the Messiah. In this message, Dave discusses return and how God is faithful in His promises to us.



Dave Schneider began our summer sermon series, "Restore: God's Faithfulness to Renew," this past Sunday. All summer we will be walking through the little-studied Old Testament book of Ezra. Ezra holds the rich history of God's movement of His people back from exile to set up a world ready for the Messiah. In this introduction Dave points out God's fingerprints in the Geo-political world of the day. God was at work in his people just like He is at work in our lives today. God is always faithful to renew and restore!



Mike McGinty shared this message with us out of John 14:1-6 this past Sunday. Mike has been a missionary to Japan and is now serving in the US through OMF International. CBC has supported the McGinty family for years and we appreciate him coming to encourage us through God's Word!



His Path

This past Sunday was Student Sunday at CBC! Our students lead us in worship and we had the opportunity to pray over our graduating Seniors. Matt Ward shared a message from Psalm 119 highlighting four characteristics of God's Path laid out for us in His Word.



This past Mother's Day, Dave Schneider led us through the story of Rahab and how God turned her story into His Story. God used a pagan prostitute to bring Israel into the Promised Land, but even more, her faith in the living God placed her in the lineage of Jesus and the hall of faith in Hebrews 11.



Matt Ward concludes "Start Over" with the restoration conversation between Peter and Jesus out of John 21. We all live with lingering doubts after failure, leaving us to wonder, "What now?" This message is meant to answer that question as we learn from Jesus' loving guidance.



Just like Peter, we have all failed in an area we never thought we would or could. In that moment we need to take action in three areas to help us get to the other side of failure. Matt Ward teaches this second part of "Start Over," a three week series on failure.




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