Conroe Bible Church

A church family committed to seeing everyone transformed by the love of Christ.

Dave concludes our 1 Thess. sermon series on love and community.

Matt Ward connects peace and sanctification found in Paul's prayer.

Don't quench the Spirit!  Matt Ward teaches on the how we can live Spirit-sensitive lives.

We carry our series into the Christmas season as Dave addresses our prayer life and joy.

Matt Ward speaks on patience and peace as we bear each other up in love.

The story of Jonah.

Paul seeks to encourage the believers on the subject of the Day of the Lord and the final destinations for those in Christ.

Dave teaches on the hope we have in the resurrection of the dead of Christ.

When the gospel takes root, holiness is the fruit. Dave speaks to personal holiness in a sex saturated culture.

Matt Ward speaks of Paul's desire to invest in the people of the Thessalonian church.

Matt Ward speaks to the subject of authority and our response.

Dave continues our study in 1 Thess.

Dave shares what happens when the gospel takes root.

What happens when the gospel takes root, and introduction to the book of 1 Thessalonians.


Matt Ward teaches from Galatians 6, as we learn to spot the marks of a life characterized by a fear of man's opinions.

Chris Craig steps out from behind the guitar to preach on the topic of worship and relationships found in Romans chapter 12.

Dave concludes this series with an overview of the book of Ephesians.

Dave continues this series on the Armor of God with Paul's final thoughts on the need for prayer as we fight our battles.

Dave describes how we can use scripture to respond to the temptations of the enemy. 

Dave runs through the past, present and future elements of our Salvation and how it helps us stand up against our adversary.

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